Lorentz group offers you its expertise


  • Global staff around 85 people
  • 2 production units (77 & 60)
  • Aeronautics and space industries,Implants and medical instruments,Special machines and Energies.


Because we produce demanding and technical products, we understand your needs.


Because we have several strategically operating factories


Because we are an industrial company, our activity is supported by a strong and efficient organization

You !

Because we focus on your needs

Supply Chain

Controlling our ERP through a MRP2 approach set up by using industrial performance approach SPACE/GIFAS allows us in real time:

  • Planning our charges/capacities
  • Customers estimate
  • Subcontracting follow up
  • EDI through gateways selected by our customers (Air Supply)


Our quality system via ERP and network allows a total traceability of the orders up to delivery, as well as:

  • ACP management
  • Dissemination of documents, customers’ specifications, standards
  • Human resources, Risk analysis
  • Monitoring customers’ and internal indicators.

A unique expertise dedicated to our customers

  • Development and precision machining of process components and complex shapes
  • Method and CAD
  • CAM programming and 3D numerical simulation
  • 3 D Control metrology
  • Finish and delicate assembly

We propose all solutions to our customers

  • Production of prototypes
  • Mass production
  • Development and concurrent Engineering

Production units

Our technicians are familiar with specific and/or normative customers’ requirements as well as they have a real knowledge of 3D measurements.


The difficult technical ensembles made for our customers are our daily lives.

Our 2 sites are certified

  • AFAQ: IOS 9001 and EN 9100
  • ISO13485 (being finalized)